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Daan Verbaan: interim management to count on

Daan is there when you need him. He has more than 20 years experience in starting, growing, consolidating and leading middle sized companiescompanies in IT, facility services, banking, retail, fast moving consumer goods, innovation, HR, both B2B and B2C.  Daan is reliable, resolute, versatile and enterprising.

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Interim Management

Interim managent is one of the main areas of service withing Uisce. With almost 20 years of experience in starting, growing, consolidating and leading middle sized companies in IT, facility services, banking, retail, fast moving consumer goods, innovation, HR, both B2B and B2C, our expert can really be called a giant in this area. If we would want to describe him in four words, those would be: reliable, resolute, versatile, enterprising.

Daan offers…

Daan offers a variety of services, depending on
your needs:

a replacement CEO or COO in case of illness or other (semi) temporary calamity
an involved member of your MT or other key position
a project manager for challenging change trajectories
a business developer for new initiatives, departments and/of locations
a human resource mining manager to get all your people in the right places and moving into the right direction

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Daan Verbaan

Meet Daan here. Do you want to know more about him? Via the Linkedin button below their profile you can connect with him.

Daan Verbaan

Tower of strength

Daan grew up in a retail family and studied European Marketing & Management Communication at Fontys University in Tilburg, the Netherlands. He has been into people manamgement, sales and marketing for more than 20 years, running his own companies since 2002. Always up for a challenge, he went back to school to learn web development, a role that challenges him to keep developing and that’s how he likes it.

He is an allrounder with a strongly analytical brain and the exceptional ability to keep the overview at all times, as if he were a bird. When he isn’t at work or at home with his family, he’s a bit of a noisy fellow, since he likes to play all things percussion. He literally works hard and plays hard.

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You can also call us. Our phone number is +31 (0)85 303 1199 or +353 (0)21 202 8199.